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Added Some Security - More to Come - April 14, 2019

So I have updated the server to allow HTTPS connections, which is way more secure than what was being used before.

More internal security updates to come at some point. Some of these changes will require a password change to happen. Don't know when I will get to this, but I'll let you know when I do.

Also, some of you may be wondering, why there have been no site or video updates. Several reasons...

  • To add more systems to the website, will cost me money. I'm not a graphic artist, so these services have to be hired out. So why not spend the money?
  • I have children now, money and time are very limited. I have free time now, only because I have been blessed with the gift of willing grandparents to watch the kids. Hence the recent HTTPS update.
  • Videos were being edited by someone volunteering his time, his time has also become limited due to him acquiring a fulltime job. Episode 2 was nearly finished when this happened. I have a rough cut of the episode, I may release it one day, with his permission of course.
  • The classic video game market has become absolutely saturated beyond anything I could have imagined when I started this. While I may keep the site running for game collectors if interest still remains, there's no way I could see myself making videos anymore. You can literally google several pages worth of creators with more talent and popularity than I could ever imagine acquiring.
So yeah, if anyone even still uses this site, drop a like on the Facebook page and message me, or used the contact form on this site and get ahold of me. Interested to see who responds.
- Bigun,
Your Humble Game Collector

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